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Books by Justin Allan Arnold

How Cats Survived the Apocalypse (Science Fiction Fable)

Vox Nihili: The Complete Edition (Long Dramatic Poem)

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The plot twists were creative and well done . . . A few of them took me by total surprise which is always an amusing thing to experience . . . Mr. Arnold had an elegant writing style that fit the themes of this novella perfectly. LAS Reviewer (Amazon Book Review)

[Back-cover blurb] The Earth: a lifeless, misshapen rock tumbling through space. Mars: a green paradise ruled by cats. Find out how and why from the cats themselves, when three of their most astute ambassadors cunningly respond to a galactic emperor’s inquiries. With tales inside of tales, like a feline version of A Thousand And One Nights, this whimsical, yet slyly profound science fiction fable answers the eponymous question of How Cats Survived The Apocalypse. [141 pages]

Trailers for How Cats Survived The Apocalypsis

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[Back-cover blurb] VOX NIHILI ("voice of nothing") is traditionally used to signify a worthless or meaningless word—especially one produced by mistake. As the title of an unnamed protagonist's strange, rebellious, and quite possibly mad symphonic monologue, it represents the ultimately irrepressible collective voice of the alienated, downtrodden and made-to-disappear ciphers of the modern age; or then again, it might just be the apt description of a contemporary Tom O'Bedlam's mindless ramblings as he, or maybe she, stews in a padded room or prison cell. Whatever one's interpretation, VOX NIHILI is a dramatic soliloquy to the nth degree, the voice of poetry shrieking and singing in the bottomless abyss of universal nothingness. [635 pages]

Vox Nihili (Part One: Morning; I. Introit
[excerpt, pages 9 - 26])

(Part One: Morning; I. Introit [pages 9 - 26])
Copyright (c) Justin Allan Arnold 2019
All Rights Reserved

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