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If you have enjoyed listening to my music, or—even more—have used my music in one or some of your projects, please consider becoming a patron or making a one-time donation so that I can continue to create and provide high-quality, royalty-free music under the Creative Commons License. Your financial support will also help me maintain this free collection of music on the web so that others may enjoy listening to, and make use of, the many audio files stored here.

Become a supporter in one or more of the following four ways:

1. (New!) Become a patron through my Patreon account. Patrons pledging $10 or more a month receive:


  • All my current WAV (lossless) and MP3 music files (downloadable at once) for FREE

  • All my future music (WAV and MP3) for FREE, directly downloadable through Patreon


  • All my Non-Attribution Licenses for FREE (normally $19.99 each)


  • FREE printable PDF copy of my AMERICAN FUGUE: 17 Jazz and Classical Fugues, Preludes, and Inventions For Solo Piano/Keyboard (Sheet music)


  • Access to all my exclusive Patreon posts


  • 7 days early access to my new music tracks


  • Credits on select upcoming music videos

  • [Note: Access to future music file downloads and to future Patreon posts are contingent upon a current Patreon membership

2. Make a one-time donation (or tip) — through either Paypal, or Ko-fi (buy me a coffee).

3. Commission me to compose a piece of music. A dedication with your name will appear on the score beneath the title. Your name will also appear in a dedication on the piece's download page here on my website. For examples and more information: see commissions.

4. Purchase one of my books.

All of the above are of course optional. If none are feasible for you right now, you can still become a big supporter of my work by simply sharing both my music and the link to this website. 

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