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In order to use my music without giving me credit, you will need to buy a Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music License (available for purchase on each individual music track's download page). For each single music track of mine that you wish to use without attribution, you will be required to purchase a separate Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music License (i.e. if you wish to use 3 tracks of mine without attribution, you will have to buy three separate Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music Licenses). Upon each purchase of a Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music License, you will receive the said license (a PDF file with the watermark of the purchaser's email address) and a unique License Key. The unique License Key, in conjunction with the required information you will have to provide at the time of purchase (see below), will serve only to link your Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music License to a single Music Track of mine (the key does not unlock anything; it is for identification purposes only). The information that you will be required to provide at the time of purchase is the following:

Your email address
Your name
Your Business Name (if applicable)
Name of my Music Track you wish to License (one Music Track per license)
Name of your Project
Short Description of your Project

Here is a sample copy of the Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music License. Remember, each Non-exclusive Non-Attribution Music License is only valid in conjunction with a unique License Key, the name of one of my Music Tracks, and the name of your project.


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