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Little String Quartet #1 - Royalty Free Chamber Music

Two years ago I began composing the four movements of my Little String Quartet #1. I finished movements 2, 3, and 4 relatively easily, but got stuck on the first movement. When I created this website, I uploaded movements 2, 3, and 4 as separate pieces, each as part of a different album. Recently I was able to finally finish the first movement. In keeping with the precedent of the other already released movements, I gave the first movement a separate name, in this case, "The Bard of Camelot".

Here are the links to each movement's download page:'s-tale's-fugue-to-the-kingdom-of-faerie

PURCHASE high-quality WAV versions ($1 US) here:

The Bard of Camelot:

A Winter's Tale:

The Longbeards Beneath The Mountains:

Thomas Rhymer's Fugue to the Kingdom of Faerie:

All my music is also available at Bandcamp here:

Non-Attribution Licenses are also available for purchase ($11.99) on each download page.

My Patreon page:

My Ko-Fi page (buy me a coffee me or give me a tip):

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