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New Patreon Page and New Music

Some big news for the start of 2023! First, I've uploaded some new music to the website: my Little Symphony #1 "Le Morte D'Arthur". The symphony's three movements have become tracks 8, 9, and 10 of my album, Fanfares and Flights of Fancy. You can also reach the download page for each movement through the New Music 2023 page.

Second, I now have a Patreon page where you can support me by becoming a patron of my work. If you pledge $10 or more a month through my new Patreon account, you will receive, in addition to exclusive access to my very latest track, Saigon Saturdays, the following benefits:

  • All my current WAV (lossless) and MP3 music files (downloadable at once) for FREE

  • All my future music (WAV and MP3) for FREE, directly downloadable through Patreon

  • All my Non-Attribution Licenses for FREE (normally $20 each)

  • FREE printable PDF copy of my AMERICAN FUGUE: 17 Jazz and Classical Fugues, Preludes, and Inventions For Solo Piano/Keyboard (Sheet music)

  • Access to all my exclusive Patreon posts​

  • 7 days early access to my new music tracks

  • Credits on select upcoming music videos

  • [Note: Access to future music file downloads and to future Patreon posts are contingent upon a current Patreon membership]

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post! I hope you enjoy the new music. And, more than anything, I hope that 2023 turns out to be an excellent year for you.


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