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Wasteland Odyssey

Wasteland Odyssey is a short, 7-part suite for orchestra.

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins." (T. S. Eliot, The Wasteland).

Part 1 Wayfarer

Part 2 Ruins

Part 3 Oasis

Part 4 Stelae

Part 5 Dust Devils

Part 6 Night Journey

Part 7 Wayfarer (Reprise)

Composed and produced by Justin Allan Arnold. Wasteland Odyssey (Parts 1 - 7) can be used in commercial and private projects for free as long as I am properly credited, as per the Creative Commons License CC-BY-4.0.

Free download of the individual tracks (MP3s) are available through the album page of IFNESS 2023:

PURCHASE high-quality WAV versions ($1 each) here:

Part 1 Wayfarer:

Part 5 Dust Devils:

Part 6 Night Journey:

Part 7 Wayfarer (Reprise):

My Patreon page:

My Ko-Fi page (buy me a coffee me or give me a tip):

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